Cisco Lab Kit
Advanced CCNP Lab
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All labs devices are used and have been fully tested and come with 1-Year Warranty !

Product Information

This Advanced CCNA/Starter CCNP IV Kit is designed to give you the most bang for your buck to help you pass both your CCNA and CCNA Security exams while being a Starter CCNP Kit.

As you may know, the new CCNP test requires IOS 12.4 which the cheaper routers do not support so you will need to step up to the 2600XM series. So understanding that you may want an advanced CCNA lab kit that you can use as a starter CCNP kit, we developed this kit for those on a limited budget. This kit will support all the features to pass your CCNA and give you a start on your CCNP certification.

The 2600XM series is going to support 12.4, IPv6 and SDM. We include a 2610XM router which is your FE router and will support inter-VLAN Routing and will also house the NM-4A/S and act as the frame-relay router when appropriate. We also include a 2611XM router with two Fast Etherent ports so you will be able to set this up as a Cable/DSL, NAT/PAT Router. The 2500 series unit can be used in a few different ways and will support IPv6. In this kit we have a 3550 Layer 3 switch which I think you will find is really, really, really cool! It basically means it can do routing just like a router too! Additionally you will get a two 2950 switches that will round out your switch Domain(you may want to consider upgrading the 2950 Standard Image switches to Enhanced Image with the 2950T model to support a few more commads as covered in our Lab Suggestions article).

No one else has our copyrighted 224 page CertificationKits Self Study CCNA Lab Workbook that will walk you through 60 different labs! Not only that, you will also get our CCNA How & Why We Subnet Workbook that walks you through 100 pages of subnetting. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a lab kit if you don't have the labs to accompany your equipment? Other kits don't have console kits, transceivers, back to back cables or the latest software.

You will also get our CertificationKits CCNA Test Engine with over 500 different questions and Flash Cards. Not only that, but you will also get CCNA test tips, the IOS on CD, CertificationKits TFTP Server, our Binary Bits game, Subnet Calculator and other prep material. Then for CCNA Security we include our CCNA Security eLab Workbook. There is also more! You will also receive our CertificationKits CCNA CRAM Sheet. This six page, full color, laminated foldout is a great addition to your CCNA Study arsenal. You will also get our CertificationKits CCNA TCP/IP Study Poster. Finally, we strongly suggest adding the CCNA 640-802 CBT DVD option to your kit. This CCNA computer based training is comprised of 44 videos that total more than 22 hours of CCNA training that you can get as a $50 add-on to your kit. If you purchase this normally anywhere else it is $249. So take advantage of this special pricing we have received and passed along to you!

These routers are in excellent condition and are guaranteed working! The extra information provided on CD is worth $200 by itself. You will be provided with everything you need to hit the ground running to prepare for your test. No need to spend hours looking for tools, procedures, test review material or fumbling around looking for labs. This is a great educational lab kit. Software licensing is the responsibility of the buyer and is provided on the CD only as a backup of what was loaded on the router when we purchased it.
Tested and Guaranteed working!
One 2610XM 128/32 Router supporting 12.4, IPv6 & SDM
One 2611XM 128/32 dual 100mb Ethernet Router for Cable/DSL, NAT/PAT
One 2501 16/16 with transceiver supporting 12.3 and IPv6
One 3550-48 port Layer 3 switch!
Two 2950 switches
One WIC-1T Serial Module
One NM-4A/S for Frame-Relay
Two Back to Back Cables
Console Cable Kit
Six Power Cables
Two Ethernet Patch Cables
Two Ethernet Crossover Cables
30 Day Warranty!

Additional Items Include:
CCNA Lab Workbook($29.99 value)
CCNA Security eLab Workbook($29.99 value)
CCNA Test Engine($29.99 value)
CCNA How & Why We Subnet Workbook($19.99 value)
CCNA CRAM Sheet($14.99 value)
TCP/IP Poster($9.99 value)
12.4 & SDM on CD for the 2600XM Routers as a backup
12.3.24 IOS for the 2501
12.2.44 EI for the 3550
12.1.22 Standard Image for the 2950
CCNA e-Flash Cards
TFTP Server
Subnet Calculator
Binary Bits Game
20 CCNA Instructional Videos
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