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Monitor/Laptop Flat Shelf
Price: $24.99$24.99
SKELETEK Monitor/Laptop Flat shelf

1.5 MM thick flat shelf specifically designed for Skeletek Racks to be mounted right on the top frame of Skeletek Racks for monitors or laptops.
Designated holes on the top frame coincide with 5 positioning holes on the shelf. It can be positioned protruding front, back or simply installed in the center.
Buyers must consider the height of their Skeletek Rack and whether they prefer standing or sitting while working on their laptop. Please refer to Skeletek racks height below.

Skeletek 12U Rack is 28" high
Skeletek 16U Rack is 35" high
Skeletek 20U Rack is 42" high
Skeletek 24U Rack is 49" high
Skeletek 28U Rack is 57" high
Nov 11 2010, 16:16:52 by Tom
Just received this shelf today, along with the SS2U14. Both are very well made, and fit perfectly onto my rack. Very sturdy with a nice finish... exactly the quality you would expect!