Mini Skeletek
Price: $49.99
Mini Skeletek

The new MiniSkeletek is a lighter duty rack made from 1.5MM thickness metal with 22” base. The new design is for smaller budget customers with up to 12 standard 19” device requirement. MiniSkeletek can handle a load capacity of up to 400 lbs and it is still modular in design and back compatible with all C Model racks.

If your lab expands beyond 12 devices, you can still double stack this MiniSkeletek on top of any C model expansion unit choices of 8U, 10U, 12U and 16U or double stack it on any other complete C Model unit rack. When double stacking with any other C Model rack, the MiniSkeletek frame must always be on top.

Example: if you want to add 8 more RU spaces, simply purchase HD-8H-EX, remove the base (left&right) from MiniSkeletek and attach to HD-8U-EX, then double stack MiniSkeletek on top of HD-8U-EX.

Dimensions: 26 1/4" high x 24" wide x 22" deep
Metal Thickness: 1.5 MM
Coating: New Enamel anti-scratch finish
Weight handling capacity: 400 pounds
Rack weight: 20 lbs
Shipping Weight: 24 lbs
Casters: Not included (Optional)

What is included:

- 8 sets of cage-nuts (4 per set). One set used for each device.
- All assembly screws, bolts, nuts, washers included. 2 socket wrenches. Assembly instructions


- Casters are optional
- Extra cage-nuts are sold separately. Each set is for one device mounting.

Meets ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, DIN41491, PART1, IEC297-2, PRAT7 and GB/T3047.2-92 standards.

* Patent# US009198324B1
* Second Patent Pending
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