24U Rack & 4-Post Rack
Price: $269.99$243.99

New C Model Skeletek C24U-4P-EX16 is your complete lab solution.

***Note: Pictures may be of different sizes.***
The new C model C24U-4P-EX16 rack is a smaller version of the C28U-4P-EX16 for those with smaller budget and less equipment. Four post unit that can handle all 19" industry standard devices like router, switches, music, studio equipments and even servers with up to 40" depth. New 30" wheelbase designed with 2 frames mounting positions front and back resulting into 4 post rack as shown in photos. Weight handling capacity of up to 800 pounds.

Like all Skeletek racks, the C24U-4P-EX16 is modular in design. One modular frame can vertically stack upon another modular unit with available expansion units of size 8U, 10U, 12U and 16U. One pairs of UB-LEX universal brackets included. The UB-LEX brackets are 25" long and can handle weight capacity of up to 320 pounds tested in lab. You may stack up multiple servers on one pair of UB-LEX brackets

Up to 16U spaces for servers mounting with 4 post requirement plus 8U spaces for smaller devices with 2 post requirement. Need more space with 2-post requirement? Simply add 8U Expansion unit for 8 more devices or utilize unused 4-Post RU spaces front and back for 2-Post devices

Overall Dimensions: 50.5" high x 24" wide x 30" deep.
Distance between front and back post: 27"
C24U Dimensions: 50.5" high x 24" wide x 30" deep. 2 MM frame thickness
HD16U-EX Dimensions: 36" high x 24" wide x 30" deep 2.0 MM frame thickness
Coating: New Enamel anti-scratch finish
Weight handling capacity: 800 pounds
Expansion unit available: 8U, 10U, 12U and 16U.

Included with C24U-4P-EX16:
1x Skeletek C24U complete rack with 4 casters and 30" 4-post base
1x Skeletek HD16U-EX Expansion unit (no casters)
1x Pairs UBL-EX Universal Brackets 25 inch long (use for 30" server mounting)
14x Cage-Nut sets (4 per set) each set must be used for one 1U device mounting.
All assembly screws, bolts, nuts, washers included. 2 wrench tool kit. Assembly instructions

- Photos shown may be of difference sizes of what is being offered here.
- Extra Universal brackets or cage-nuts sold separately.
- Total weight: Approximately 69 pounds shipped in 2 separate cartons.
- Photos shown may be of different Skeletek sizes.
Sep 12 2012, 09:32:41 by Derek M.
This rack is perfect for the price. The rack is very sturdy and made with great precision. I would highly recommend this.